Arthenia is the best option to get rid of all skin darkening conditions, only within 6 weeks.

Arthenia is the only safe combination for all ages even kids’ skin and all skin types even sensitive areas.

Arthenia offers a unique formula that cover all stages of melanogenesis.

Arthenia moisturizer 10 times more than glycerin.

Arthenia adsorb sebum up to 10 hours.

Arthenia provides a potent integrated system along with the safest physical sun-blocker against all UV spectrum (UVA & UVB) and guarantees high penetration through skin results from modified particle size technology.


is the ideal choice for the following cases:
 - Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
 - After dermatological pilling process.
 - After dermatological laser process.
 - Post acne.
 - Solar lentigo.
 - Melasma.